What are 3D Groups?

3D Groups consist of 3 people, doing 3 tasks, meeting once a week for 30 minutes, to answer 3 questions.
We are Determined to Develop a Deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
The focus: be obedient to the task of reading God’s Word daily and praying to be used by God.

Things to do Daily:

  1. Read 1 chapter, starting with the New Testament.
  2. Highlight or make note of Scripture that sticks out to you, causes you to think, or offers new insight.
  3. Pray that God would allow you to be used to lead others to Jesus and grow God’s Kingdom.

Weekly 30 Minute Group Meeting:

  1. How did you do with reading every day?
  2. Share a few highlighted passages or notes from your reading.
  3. How did you connect with someone outside the church this week?